Friday, April 13, 2018

April 13, 2018

Superintendent's Blog - April 13, 2018
Roseville Adult School
One of my favorite events each year is the Roseville Adult School AMA where they recognize students who have earned their GED certificate.  Bridgette Dean gave a compelling and inspiring speech as she shared her own story.  It is always so cool to see the support from family members.  Every one of the 27 students had hit a roadblock or obstacle on their educational path.  Some were in their 40’s and some in their 20’s.  They overcame the obstacles and have great plans now for the rest of their lives.  Lisa Voss and her team did a great job with the event.
Digital Equity
On Tuesday night the board approved the purchase of over 5,000 chromebooks for our digital equity project next year!  It is really happening!
West Park High School
Last week, our architects gave a presentation for the West Park High Steering Committee that featured the ability to do a virtual walk through of the school.  They even provided some Virtual Reality glasses so one could stand inside one of the classroom buildings and get a 360 view.  Amazing technology.  We are interviewing potential builders in two weeks and hope to break ground in May! 
PD Day #3 
Five hundred teachers clapping, singing and dancing in the Granite Bay theater is the way we wrapped up PD3!  It was a rich day of work on CRSH strategies at each site and then an afternoon working in content areas.  Special thanks go to Mike Fischer, Jess Borjon and the Curriculum and Instruction team for organizing a spectacular day.  Site teams planned and delivered the training at each site.  I got to train the Granite Bay Staff on True Colors to start their day.  They honored me with a gentle roast, presenting me with two controllers from the Video Retrieval System I valiantly tried to implement the first two years the school was opened.  It was a monumental failure and probably the worst idea I ever tried to implement.  Thanks for the memory!
If you missed the slideshow at the end of the day, you can see it here.

Friday, March 23, 2018

March 23, 2018

Superintendent's Blog - March 23, 2018
For the 4th time in the last six years, Steve Dolan’s CTE Works Students from Granite Bay HS (formerly known as ROP) were awarded the Over All Championship for their design proposal and industry presentation at an event hosted by the Sacramento Builders Exchange and CREATE Education Program. The students were tasked with designing a multi-use entertainment facility to be located in the historic buildings in the Sacramento Railyards project.  Their real-world proposal needed to tie into other development projects such as the MLS Soccer stadium, the newly aligned Amtrak rail lines, and nearby Golden One arena.
School Safety
A week ago, I was reflecting on the school lock downs we have experienced and thought, Roseville High School is the only comp school that hasn’t been impacted.  So, it is probably my fault for the events this week!  We spent two straight days at RHS this week with different issues, one of which led to a lockdown that lasted over two hours.  For the first time, the new video surveillance system provided a valuable tool to help us unravel a potential threat to the campus.  Each time out, we learn some things that will help us to be safer in the future. 
Paul Hayes
Paul Hayes, a long time Woodcreek boys basketball coach, announced he is retiring from coaching this year. Paul’s career includes several league and section titles, two trips to the NorCal championships and the run to the State Title game last year.  His teams were always prepared to compete and modeled sportsmanship and class wherever they went.  He will be sorely missed.
Merilyn Aldy
Speaking of retirements, Merilyn Aldy’s last day at the DO was today.  Merilyn started at Oakmont, but has touched almost everyone in the district in her 16 years as the Personnel Adm. Asst.   One of the kindest and most caring people I know, Merilyn has helped so many employees on their journey through our district.  She has trained multiple Assistant Superintendents, starting with Don Genasci and going through Glen DeGraw, me and Steve.  She has an amazing array of technical skills and a vast understanding of the complex world of personnel.  Lisa Brown, currently the principal’s secretary at Oakmont, will be taking the reins.