Friday, October 21, 2016

October 21, 2016

On Monday, the Roseville girls golf team claimed their second consecutive CVC league title, edging out Whitney High to claim the championship.  Kayla Kwong had the low score in the field and was the Leaguer MVP for the the second year in a row.  Congratulations to Coach Fukuman and his amazing team as they head to the section championships on Monday.

Almost 2500 10th graders, hundreds of 11th graders and even a few 9th graders took the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) on Wednesday.  This is the second year the district has paid for all sophomores to take the exam.  The test provides both the student and the school a ton of feedback information that helps to guide the rest of their high school career.  It is also a key part of our efforts to build a college prepared culture on every campus.  Thanks to everyone who proctored tests, and who dealt with the inconvenience of giving up a day of instruction.

Oakmont girls water polo team claims the CVC championship title over Bella Vista Wednesday night, the final score was 8-0. Read more about the season in this article by Steven Willson-Roseville Press Tribune Sports Editor. Roseville High School girls volleyball team won over Whitney on Wednesday guaranteeing them a spot in the playoffs. Oakmont and Roseville High School boys water polo teams both had wins this week which puts them both in third-place in the CVC tournament! Share pictures and game updates using #RJUHSD on social media. 

The Antelope High School Titans football team continues to roll.  They are now 7-0  and ranked in the top 10 in the region after a heart pounding 35-34 win over Consumnes Oaks last week.   

I have been working the phone banks for Measure D semi-regularly and each time find myself  talking to gracious people who care deeply about our schools.  Roseville is an amazing place.  We are so fortunate to work and live in a community where our efforts and our schools are valued and appreciated. 

Phitsamay Gilchrist, Antelope High School IC/EL Counselor
Favorite quote: "Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions."  ~ Dalai Lama
Why did you choose RJUHSD? I have heard amazing things about Antelope High School and feel honored to work at an awesome school with wonderful staff and students.
What are your interests, family, hobbies etc.? I love shopping, traveling, road trips, playing golf, tasting foreign foods  
Tell us a fun fact about you I met Herm Edwards and took a selfie with him.

Katherine Nurss, Roseville High School Science & AVID Teacher
Favorite quote: "Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens," often attributed to Jimi Hendrix.
Why did you choose RJUHSD? The primary reason that I came to RJUHSD was because I feel that the district's core values aligned perfectly with my own. As an advocate and proponent for social justice, I truly believe in every bit of meaning behind the RHS mission statement: "Working together, we will prepare every student for post-secondary education." I want to close achievement gaps and help each student have opportunities and choices in their future. I also firmly believe that collaboration is the only way we can make that mission happen. We, as teachers, administrators, counselors, parents, and other staff can shape the culture of the school our students attend in a multitude of ways. Also, I think that the combined intellect of everyone at our school will always be greater than the intellect of any one of us.
What are your interests, family, hobbies etc.? I love sports (both as a competitor and a spectator) and I love being outside. In my spare time, I like playing sports with my newest endeavor being learning to golf. I also enjoy going to SF to watch the Giants.

Friday, October 14, 2016

October 14, 2016

Oakmont High School hosted their annual Band Field Festival competition last Saturday.  Most of our schools competed and generated a number of awards.  It was very cool to see a number of  Antelope High Dancers at the event who showed up to support their peers in the music program.  

1st Place Class A   Roseville High School
1st Place Class 4A Antelope High School
1st Place Class 5A Granite Bay High School
1st Place Colorguard Granite Bay High School
3rd Place Colorguard Antelope High School
1st Place Percussion Granite Bay High School
2nd Place Percussion Antelope High School
Music Sweepstakes Antelope High School
Marching Sweepstakes Granite Bay High School
General Effect Granite Bay High School
Grand Sweepstakes Granite Bay High School

Granite Bay Today, a one stop online media website that is supported by both the journalism and media programs at Granite Bay High School, was recently nominated and choosen as a finialist for the Colombia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Crown Award.  This site is one of the most frequented sources of information in the whole district. Check out their website

While students were off on Wednesday this week, our teachers were hard at work enhancing their skills.  We had a full day of training at Woodcreek High School that was coordinated by our awesome professional development team.  The morning was filled with hands on technology sessions taught by our own teachers.  I learned some amazing new skills for Twitter and Instagram that I have already applied!  The afternoon featured curriculum work led by our CCAT teachers.  It was a very productive day and also a great opportunity to take a breath, learn some new skills, and hang out with adults all day.

The Roseville Adult School honored 20 students at their Merit Award Ceremony Wednesday evening.  This event recognizes students who have come back to earn their GED credential so that they can expand their opportunities for further education or to compete in the workforce.  Former Adelante High School Assistant Principal Bridgette Dean gave a powerful and moving keynote.  It is always a great event!
The Sacramento County and Placer County sample ballot and Voter Information pamphlets arrived in the mail this week.  The Placer County document is so thick it reminded me of a small phone book!  There is a ton of information about Measure D, our school bond, in the actual election documents.  Check it out!

Friday, October 7, 2016

October 7, 2016

How cool is this?  The Antelope and Oakmont Frosh football teams battled each other last Thursday.  After the game, they joined together as athletes and took this photo.  In all the fervor and fandom over winning and losing, we sometimes forget that this is not war, or life and death.  It is a game.  It is fun.  And the school you are playing are your opponents, not your enemy.  Thanks go to a cool bunch of 14 and 15 years olds who get that and reminded us all. 

Tonight, the Antelope Titans undefeated football team squares off with the also undefeated Roseville Tigers!  This is the first time in memory that two district schools have played each other with perfect records this late in the season with so much on the line. Head Coaches Matt Ray and Larry Cunha will have their teams geared up for a great game.  ABC 10 Sports has selected the game as their “game of the week.”  Arrive early if you want a good seat! JV game begins at 5PM and Varsity at 7:15PM @ Roseville High School.

The energy and excitement at the homecoming festivities at both Roseville and Oakmont High School last week was palpable!  The Roseville High School parade Friday morning even included the new district alternative fuel bus!  Both school’s bands and cheer squads were spectacular.  Special thanks go to the hundreds of staff and students who invested so much time to make these events happen.  

On Tuesday Roseville High School hosted the annual District-wide Military Academy Night it was a huge success! Representatives from West Point, Air Force, US Navy, US Coast Gaurd, US Merchant Marine as well as a representative from Congressman McClintock's office presented on each of the academies and answered questions for over 225 students and parents. The College and Career team did a wonderful job. 

We are wrapping up the design process for High school #6.  The architects met with teacher and support staff groups to review changes that were made after input from staff last spring.  We are down to the nitty gritty details (where should the electrical outlets be located, 12 inch or 20 inch shelving, etc).  WE will be picking color finishes for both the exterior and interior in the next month.  If Measure D is successful, we will be working with the steering committee on a process to recommend a school name, colors and mascots to the board this spring.  After years of talk, this is really going to happen!

We are also finishing up staff training for the new Catapult information system.  This system will allow for instant communication between staff, first responders and other personnel in the event of a serious emergency.  The ability to access everything on a cell phone is a game changer.  Hopefully, we will never need to access the code red functions, but, no matter what, we are much better equipped to deal with safety issues on our campuses.

Don’t forget, Professional Development Day #2 is on Wednesday, October 12th!  

Friday, September 30, 2016

September 30, 2016

The Association of California School Administrators has selected Antelope High School graduate (2016) Maria Lopez to represent our region for their prestigious Every Student Succeeds program.  We have attached a short video that illustrates the obstacles Maria overcame on her journey and the powerful impact counselors and staff had on her. Maria will be recognized at the State Conference in November.

Last week, our district was honored in Washington, D.C. for the amazing results we are generating in our Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) program. There is a national effort going on to close the equity gap for low-income, Latino and African-American students, especially in getting these students college and career ready.  Only 1% of high schools nationwide have equity in their AP and IB programs.  Last year, after a year of work with Equal Opportunity Schools, three of our schools met that target and the other two missed the target by just a few students.  Over 1700 more students took AP classes last year than the year before!  And, there was almost no drop off in student performance!  Our AP and IB teachers and our counselors deserve huge kudos, but this is also a reflection of a whole system of teachers and support folks who are working to ensure that every student can compete. Click to view the district's EOS video I got to hang out with President Obama's Cabinet members and was proud to share our story with about 50 other school districts who are having great success in this arena!

Independence students gave an awesome presentation at the board meeting this week that highlighted some of the unique aspects of social life, learning and curriculum at the school.  It was an informative and really interesting presentation.

Roseville High School Tiger Cafe students had a blast demonstrating LIVE at the Sacramento Farm to Fork Festival last Saturday on Capitol Mall. Under Sysco's huge demonstration tent and in partnership with CA Restaurant Association, Neal Reilly, Jose Cabrera, Bri Hithe and Kimberly Diaz engaged a large audience with information and aromas as they prepared a Ginger Bok Choy Chicken Stir Fry. Over 65,000 people attended the event this year!

We have had a number of phone calls at the district this week as folks received their property tax bills.  One of the most common questions are about the Mello-Roos fees.  For the record, our school district does not receive any money from Mello-Roos.  Those funds go to the City of Roseville and are used by the city to pay for parks, roads, and other city services.  

Friday, September 23, 2016

September 23, 2016

Roseville Adult School is a pivotal part of the community. Over the past several years many English Learners have successfully learned English, taken Citizenship classes and completed their G.E.D. Just last week a new course was launch in collaboration with Sierra College, ESL Bridge to Sierra College. This free 8-week course is designed to prepare English Learner students for ESL college programs as well as an orientation to the college and financial aid options. The students and teachers have built great relationships through this journey!

District Learning Support Specialist Toni Marquez was honored last week by the Latino Leadership Council with their Quetzal award.  She was recognized for her outstanding contributions in education.  Toni works with parents, students, teachers and a wide array of community groups to help students overcome a wide array of obstacles and hurdles on their way to success.  She is a change-maker and it was awesome to see her recognized for her hard work.  

On Wednesday evening Woodcreek High School hosted the annual district-wide College Fair. The event brought over 140 colleges and universities from across the nation! Thousands of families had the opportunity to learn about NCAA, check out a wide array of career industries and get all of their questions answered! For the first time, food and smoothies were sold in the quad, it was a hit! College Reps said that this is one of their favorite College Fairs to attend! The College and Career Center Technicians did a fantastic job planning and organizing this event!

Veronica Davalos, Roseville High School Spanish Teacher
   Q:           Why did you come to this district and/or area?
A:            I was ready for a change and I’d heard lots of wonderful things about RJUHSD that I wanted to be part of this team.

Q:           What do you love to do when you aren’t teaching?
A:           I like to hike and kayak.  I have 3 siblings, all of which live in Bakersfield, CA.  In fact, my whole family lives there.  I love to collect stainglassed lanterns, enjoy baking and cooking (not for myself, as much, but I do enjoy entertaining.)

Q:           Favorite Quote
A:           “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” (Einstein)

I do consider myself an amateur linguist and, when time allows, on Duolingo or out in public attempting to strike up a conversation with random people (in the foreign language).  If I had the means and time, I’d love to be a full-time student….I guess that’s why I’ve gravitated towards working at a high school. I was an elementary teacher for 10 years of my teaching career but was curious to see how kids progressed throughout their educational experience(s). I am fluent in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Italian.  If anyone would like to practice Italian, I’m over in P-20.

Cristina Dobon-Claveau, PBIS Coordinator
Q:        Why did you come to this district and/or area?
 A:         We moved to the Sacramento area 3 years ago from Minnesota for my husband’s job and to get away from the Minnesota winters.  I was a school social worker and PBIS lead for 8 years and since moving to Sacramento, I have been a PBIS Coach and mental health counselor.  I am so excited to work for RJUHSD, one of the only high school districts implementing PBIS district wide, which shows the value this district has for not only premier academics, but for the social and emotional student supports as well! 

Q:           Fun Fact.
A:            I speak fluent Spanish and Italian

Q:           What do you love to do when you aren’t working?
A:           I have 2 little girls and we love to travel and take in all that California has to offer!  I love to cook, play golf and go wine tasting

Q:           Favorite Quote
A:           "Collaborate with people you can learn from" -Pharrell

I’m so excited at the opportunity of working for RJUHSD a district that values the social and emotional side of student life along with the academic!

Friday, September 16, 2016

September 16, 2016

Several of our students have qualified for recognition as National Merit Semifinalists!  The National Merit Scholarship Corporation recognizes these students based on their high scores on the PSAT.  Details about the program can be found here. Among the academic elite in the nation are:
Antelope HS - Morgan Wasler
Granite Bay HS - Younes Mahmoudieh, Emma Petersen, Michaela Wara
Oakmont HS - Nicholas Mecklenberg, Justin Pahkim, Kristen Stefanescu

Roseville High Advanced Culinary & Hospitality students had an amazing day last week where they prepared recipes they developed using Gopal Kapur's "Bags of Life" nutritionally dense starter packets for sampling at Sac Food Bank. They toured the state of the art 120,000 sq. ft. facility which distributes tons of fresh food to over 100 smaller distributors who help feed our local hungry.  Students learned about the background and the career path the General Manager, marketing/communications manager and logistics manager followed. Fox 40 interviewed our students as part of a story they were doing for National Hunger Action Month, it was an exciting day!

Special thanks go to all of the school and community people who came out last Sunday morning for interviews and a photo shoot to help with our Measure D bond effort.  Supervisor Jack Duran, Mayor Carol Garcia, County Superintendent of Schools Gayle Garbolino Mojica, Mel and Carol Hammel are ardent supporters of our district and took time from their busy schedules to help out.  It was a fun event!

I am sad to announce that retired Roseville High teacher Gene Domek  passed away yesterday.  Gene provided 28 years of service at Roseville High School and 42  years of teaching in his career.  He was a local boy who was part of the Christian Brothers high school graduating class of 1967.  After graduating from college, Gene worked at Christian Brothers High School for 13 years before coming to Roseville High School in 1985.  Gene taught everything except physics in the science program at Roseville and coached soccer football and rugby.  Gene was a stellar teacher who made a difference in the lives of thousands of teenagers. One of Gene’s favorite stories was in his first year of coaching at RHS.  In a  football game against Jesuit,  Roseville had the ball and a 6 pt. lead with less than a minute to go.  He called a timeout and subbed in his second and third stringers so they could enjoy being part of the game.  On the first play, the quarterback threw an interception that Jesuit ran back to the 5-yard line.  His defense held Jesuit at the goal line on four consecutive plays to save the game…..and his coaching reputation!  He still chuckled about that game 28 years later.   Many people are unaware that Gene was a true Boy Scout.  He  served as a counselor for  Boy Scout Troop One for 26 years and was still serving as a badge counselor and running summer camps in his retirement.  He lived the boy scout law his entire life.  A scout is; trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave clean and reverent.  So was Gene.  He will be sorely missed.

CaringBridge site:

Friday, September 9, 2016

September 9, 2016

I was waiting for a meeting at Granite Bay this week and was wandering down the hallway.  I stumbled across a display of student photo artwork that was breathtaking.  Teacher Amelie Rider’s students are producing amazing work after 4 weeks of instruction.  Very cool!

Oakmont High’s second annual Hall of Fame weekend was amazing.  Here are some pictures from the various events.  Kudo’s go to Dean Perkins, Sondra Myles, the Hall of Fame selection Committee, and OHS faculty members.
Oakmont, Roseville and Antelope football teams are all 2-0 heading into tonight’s games.  Oakmont has won two nail biters, while Roseville and Antelope have dominated in their victories.  Our football games are truly community events with incredible cheer performances, marching bands, dance teams, and a host of other activities going on.  This is really a fun time of year!
The annual Bill Santucci Memorial Golf tournament is just around the corner.  This tournament raises over $20,0000 annually for student scholarships.  100% of the proceeds go to students.  Last year, 25 of our seniors received $1,000 scholarships to help them with their college expenses.  The flyer is attached here if you know anyone who golfs or who would like to contribute to an awesome cause.
I was giving a presentation to the principals of the Roseville City School District on Tuesday and suddenly realized I recognized some familiar faces.  Brandon Blom (Stoneridge Elementary) and Erin Peterson (Blue Oaks Elementary) are former students of mine at Granite Bay High School and they are both principals now!  Made me feel proud (and really, really old)!
Joe Landon, our Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, is at it again.  Joe has worked with our financial consultants to take advantage of historically low-interest rates to refinance some of our old bonds.  This process has saved our taxpayers millions of dollars.  None of this money goes to the school district.  It simply reduces the taxpayer property tax bill for homeowners. Press Release can be viewed here